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Volunteering doesn't require a lot of time. It just requires a lot of heart!

There are many ways you can help ACDRA rescue Australian Cattle Dogs. If volunteering is something you want to do, simply complete our member application to get started.

Foster Care

Among the most vital and selfless volunteer tasks within any rescue group is that of fostering a dog in your own home. Your observation of the dog's wants and needs is critical in choosing the right adoptive family. ACDRA covers the vetting expenses of foster dogs, and foster home volunteers cover the routine living expenses, including food. All new foster homes are provided with a mentor to help them through all aspects of fostering, a library of helpful information, and the support of our entire group.


Fostering is a labor of love that can last from a few weeks to a few months. That said, our foster families find the experience to be incredibly rewarding. Once you complete the member application and process, you will have the opportunity to become a foster home.


ACDRA often has the need for those who can help transport a dog from a shelter to a foster home or from a foster home to an adopter in another state. Often these transports involve driving for an hour or so to deliver the dog to another transport volunteer. The transports typically happen on the weekend, and take only a few hours of your time. It is a great way to get involved without committing too much of your free time.




Shelter Visits & Evaluations

A shelter might classify a dog as an ACD or an ACD mix without any first-hand knowledge of the breed. This is when it is advantageous to have an ACDRA volunteer visit the shelter to positively identify the dog as an ACD. In addition, a volunteer might be asked to perform a temperment test on an ACD while at the shelter to provide more information to potential foster homes about the dog's personality, needs and adoptability.


If you are a professional trainer looking for a way to help, consider being a long-distance training consultant or on-site trainer to assist our foster homes. ACDs who end up in shelters sometimes have behavioral problems that would benefit from a trained eye. Helping us rehabilitate dogs who need it helps us place them more successfully into forever homes.




Can you help us host an adoption event? Can you hold a yard sale to benefit ACDRA? Can you donate items that we can sell on eBay? Can you help us with a donation? We are always looking for ways to raise funds that can help us help more cattle dogs.


Have an idea? Email our fundraising team now. 


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