If your dog is lost, acting fast is key to a successful outcome!

If your dog was adopted from ACDRA and he or she escapes you, there are several things to do IMMEDIATELY.


  • Call 855.882.1330 and email lost@acdra.org. We have members, contacts and resources throughout our adoption area and we can send help to find your dog.

  • Call the foster home.

  • Call your local Animal Control and report your dog missing.

  • Post your missing dog on Facebook and other social media.

  • Download this customizable flyer to post your lost dog information.

    • Make posters as large as you can so they are more visible.

    • Make them stand out. Use FLUORESCENT paper to attract attention.

    • Put them up at all major intersections near where your pet went missing as well as any other areas that sightings have been made. YOU know your area best of all. Cover all the places you think a dog might go to hide.

  • Check your ACDRA adoption contract for the microchip information and call the microchip company to alert them that your dog is lost.

  • Call your friends and go out and search. Bring yummy treats– like hot dogs in small pieces or cheese -- to lure your dog to you.

    • If you spot your dog, sit down and call to him or her. Don’t chase! Your dog will be scared and will run away if chased. 

Mailing Address: ACDRA, PO Box 7204, Garden City, NY 11530-5729

Fax: 724-768-7354

ACDRA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping Australian Cattle Dogs in need.

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