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You can reach us by email any time.

If you are a shelter or rescue with an ACD in your care, 

please contact the shelter representative responsible for your state (to the right). If we can provide foster care, we will. If we do not have a foster home available, we will post the dog here on our website and on our very active Facebook page.


If we have never accepted a dog from your shelter or organization,

we request you complete this form so we have the information we need to get started.

If you represent a shelter or rescue outside of the states listed to the right,

email If you do not reside within one of the states listed to the right, please click here to find other ACDRA Rescues that may be near you.

If you are an individual with an ACD who needs to be rehomed,

we may be able to provide a rehoming listing here on our website and on Facebook. Click to complete our form. Once submitted, please email photos to

If you have submitted an application and want to check the status, 


If you are interested in becoming a foster home or have questions about what it entails, 

email the Foster Home Coordinators at

If you have any other questions or comments, 

and reside within one of the states listed to the right, email

Found one of our dogs? 


Our mailing address


PO Box 7204

Garden City, NY 11530-5729

Fax: 724-768-7354 

Reach the Representatives

for your State




DC Metro Area:














New Hampshire:


New Jersey:


New York:


North Carolina:





Rhode Island:


South Carolina:






West Virginia:

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