Sophie is a 2 year old, 32 lb. spayed female in Madison, WI. 

Sophie is a very loving, energetic, and loyal friend. She is just over 2 years old, is 32 pounds, is spayed, and up to date on all vaccines. She is crate trained and house trained. She loves to be active and go on runs, walks and hikes a couple times a week. She also loves a game of tug and chasing toys around the house. Sophie likes to settle in during the afternoons and evenings with a good bone and just hang out. She thinks she is a lap dog and loves to snuggle up on the couch right next to you. Sophie loves to train and picks up new skills and tricks quickly. She loves to show off and earn some treats.


Sophie is a sweet, loving, smart and playful dog who has anxiety. We have worked with a behaviorist and vet and she is being treated with trazodone. She will do a low quiet growl if she is startled while sleeping. She has nipped as a warning to our son near his face when he was right in her face bothering her, but did not break skin. She does herd and growl at our other smaller dog, but has never snapped or bitten her. We think that all of these behaviors are related to Sophie being stressed out by the chaos of our kids running around the house, and the other dog. We believe her anxiety would be greatly reduced in a calm home with no children. We know she will be an amazing dog in the right environment.

Sophie is taking medication to help with anxiety (you must be able/willing to continue this with your vet). She would do best in a laid back environment without children or other pets. When you have visitors and get togethers, she prefers to hang out in her crate with a bone or kong for the first hour before joining the group. Sophie warms up quickly to friends and family that visit often and will share her fun personality as she becomes more familiar with them.

We have come to the conclusion that a house with two children and another dog is not a good fit for Sophie’s anxiety. We want to do everything we can to find a home where she can feel relaxed and comfortable and be the amazing dog we know she can be. We are looking for owners who will continue her medication and provide her with the calm and loving environment. We would also like owners to be experienced pet owners and who have a love for heelers or herding dogs. We believe that a yard would be great for Sophie to run and play in. We do not have a fenced in yard and have been able to train her to stay in our yard.


We are in Madison, Wisconsin and willing to help transport her to a new home. We ask that adopters donate $250.00 ACDRA in lieu of an adoption fee. We are happy to supply a crate, leashes, harnesses, a dog bed, toys, and any other items we have for Sophie.

Please contact us with questions or for more information about Sophie via email:

Mailing Address: ACDRA, PO Box 7204, Garden City, NY 11530-5729

Fax: 724-768-7354

ACDRA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping Australian Cattle Dogs in need.

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