Ringo is a 2 year old, 60 lb. neutered male in Hingham, MA.

We were so excited to finally get a Blue Heeler -- a shared dream for both my husband and myself. As typical with the breed, Ringo is very smart and quick to learn. He's a great hiking partner, loves to kayak and swim, brilliant at catching a frisbee mid-air, will run alongside you as you bike and return immediately if called while off leash. He's very obedient one-on-one.


However, we are a family of five with three school aged children. The chaos and unpredictability of our children is stressful and not being able to herd/contain all of us is anxiety producing for Ringo. When amidst the group, he struggles to understand who is in charge. Most recently, he's become very protective of our home and verbally aggressive to the families that come and go - we think due to his increased anxiety. We all love him greatly, and because of this we recognize the kind thing to do would be to find him a new home without the chaos of children.


Ringo is healthy, up to date with vaccinations and neutered. He gets along with other dogs. He rounds up chickens but does not attack them. He's had little interaction with cats.

Ringo has done a lot of typical Heeler nipping. He has never aggressively bitten anyone. However, he does aggressively bark and growl when strangers come to our home. He is very protective of us and our space.

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