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Remy is an 8 year old, 60 lb. neutered male in Greenville, SC.

I rescued Remy about 7 years ago after he had been hit by a car. At that time he was skin and bones and seemed to have been on his own for quite awhile. He got along with our cat and dog right away. The vet commented that, "he is a lab in a heeler body". He loves to be loved on. He can't get enough petting and is a velcro dog.

We do not know his past, but he growls a good bit. Does not like a person leaning over his head, has cowered at the sight of newspaper, etc. so we believe he had been abused before.

We have a now 4 year old son and Remy has never adjusted to him. He growls a lot at him, but has also snapped at him a few times and we can no longer take the risk.

We have worked with a trainer on leash walking - he gets overly excited when he sees another dog, but we can't tell if he's going to attack them or just wants to play (and we haven't tried it out) - and barking in the house, listening to us, etc. But, like I said, he gets along great with our other dog. He's very smart, fully house-trained, loves his crate, and can spend 6 hours by himself if necessary.
Remy needs to be in a home with

out kids - a place that is pretty calm where his person can spend a lot of time with him. He loves to sit in the sun outside but also would be happy to spend hours on the couch by your side :).

We love Remy and what he has brought to our family, but he is also adding stress with his behavior towards our son and we just can't risk something happening. We'd love to see him go to a wonderful home to spend the remainder of his life.


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