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Raya is a 14 month old, 50 lb. spayed female in Nyack, NY.

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Raya is a pure bred ACD. She is the smartest dog I have owned and picks up commands with one or two tries. She has picked up some beginner agility work right away and loves puzzles and playing "find it" with treats.


She is fully house and crate trained. She walks impeccably on a leash and is at about 90% recall off leash at this point (still working on squirrels etc). She loves going to the beach to play fetch (she will go for hours if you let her!) or coming with us on hikes. She is good with other dogs once she is used to them but can be easily spooked by an off leash dog that approaches her while she is on leash, she has done very well in our local dog run again as long as all parties are off leash. She is otherwise very friendly to other dogs out on walks and has a pack she plays with three times a week in our yard.


Raya is the the ultimate pet majority of the time however she has demonstrated fear based aggression that has resulted in some severe bites to hands/legs when she has been triggered. These events have been related to resource guarding of her crate (when she is overly tired or stressed) or when she has an object she knows she is not supposed to have. She does not demonstrate resource guarding with her toys or food. Unfortunately one of her major triggers is our children. Raya is not safe in a home with children and we don't believe she ever will be.


She is a very different dog when she is alone with me or my husband. She can not tolerate the noise and chaos that smaller children create (our children are 5 and 7 and are very respectful of her for reference) and her behavior threshold becomes dramatically lower.


Raya needs a highly experienced owner without children who is familiar with the breed and understands she will need continued work on her aggressiveness and the potential for bites as she continues to go through training. She has never been around cats so we don't know how that would go and ignores our bird but I never have them out at the same time. 


We would be willing to help facilitate transport for the perfect home.

Raya is in Nyack, NY.

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