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Adorable Plush Cattle Dog -- 3 sizes!
  • Adorable Plush Cattle Dog -- 3 sizes!

    These Plush Australian Cattle Dogs by Douglas are beautifully crafted with breed accurate coloring and details that will please Australian cattle dog fanatics and delight dog lovers to no end. These stuffed Australian cattle dogs have soft gray fur with black spots, tan legs, and a highly huggable body.


    A great way to bring home a brand new pooch without taking on any extra responsibility! Made from all new child safe materials, rigorously tested for quality assurance, and meets or exceeds both the US Government and the voluntary Toy Safety Standards. Recommended for ages 2 and up, Machine washable.


    Clanger, Small Plush measures 8”: $12.95

    Dexter, Medium Sitting Plush measures 12" $23.45

    Bolt, Large Plush measures 16": $28.95


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