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How Dogs May Help Students with Academic Stress

American scientists decided to find out how pet therapy affects students' executive functions under stress.

Socializing with dogs improves the executive functions of students under stress. American scientists came to this conclusion after analyzing how students are affected by different methods of eliminating stress. The results of the study were published in AERA Open.

Our article will be relevant not only to those students who are stressed and want to find out how their pets can help in the fight against academic stress but also to those who need to create a project on this topic. For example, if you need to write a speech about dogs or a term paper about the influence of pets on a student's well-being, this article will help you.

What studies have shown

Stress has been shown to impair executive function scores in college students—for example, the ability to plan actions in accordance with a goal or change responses depending on context. This, in turn, can significantly reduce academic performance, which is why universities are developing stress management programs.

The study, led by Nancy Gee of Virginia Commonwealth University, involved 309 students. A third of them, according to the survey, had a high risk of stress.

Participants were randomly divided into three groups. In the first, students interacted with dogs as stress therapy. In the second, classes were conducted with a professional psychologist, and in the third, participants spent an equal amount of time both studying with a psychologist and communicating with dogs.

As a result, improvement in executive functions was noticeable only in students with stress in the first group, where pet therapy was carried out. Moreover, the results obtained were maintained six weeks after the classes.

Thus, scientists have found that pet therapy is more effective than even sessions with a psychologist, according to medically approved programs. However, the study authors believe that mainly those volunteers who love animals could come to participate in the experiment, which could distort the random nature of the sample. Scientists intend to continue research in this area.

Anti-stress dog. How a pet can help cope with everyday stress

Modern life is filled with stress: work, study, financial problems, personal relationships, and much more. All of this can lead to low mood, anxiety, and depression. However, there is one simple and sure way that can help cope with these problems – an anti-stress dog.

Dogs have long been man's best friends. Not only are they loyal and loving, but they can also help you cope with stress. Research shows that owning a dog can reduce academic stress and anxiety and improve your mood.

One of the reasons why dogs help cope with stress is that they can help improve physical health. Playing, walking, and exercising with your dog can help reduce academic stress and anxiety and improve your physical fitness. Therefore, never miss an opportunity to spend time with your pet.

Dogs can also help improve mental health. Their presence can help reduce levels of loneliness and isolation, which can lead to improved mood and reduced anxiety levels. Additionally, playing with your dog can help improve your mood and reduce stress levels. By the way, if academic stress is associated with a large number of tasks that you do not have time to complete, then you should seek help from special services. One of them is EssayShark, where you can order different types of assignments. Professional writers can help you overcome academic stress.

Dogs can also help improve social skills. Walking your dog can be a perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. Dogs can also help improve communication and reduce social anxiety.

How does petting a dog relieve stress?

Petting a dog can help reduce a person's stress levels for several reasons:

●      First, physical contact with an animal can increase levels of oxytocin. It is a hormone that is associated with improved mood and reduced stress levels.

●      Second, petting your dog can help reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can rise in response to stressful situations.

●      Additionally, petting your dog can help improve your mood, which can also help reduce stress levels.

How does caring for a dog help fight depression?

Caring for a dog can help fight depression, and here's how it works:

  1. Dogs are loyal friends who can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation that can worsen depression.

  2. Taking care of your dog can help improve physical health as it can encourage a more active lifestyle, including walking and playing with your dog.

  3. Caring for a dog can help improve your mood and self-esteem as it can provide a feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

  4. Dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety, as being with them is calming and reduces tension.

Overall, caring for a dog can be beneficial for people suffering from depression, as it can help improve their physical and emotional health and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

How can walking your dog reduce anxiety?

Physical activity

Walking your dog can encourage physical activity, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise can help students reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and increase endorphins, which can improve your mood.

Social support

Dogs can be great companions and friends who can help reduce students' feelings of loneliness and isolation. Walking the dog can provide an opportunity for social integration with other dog owners, which can be beneficial for improving students' moods and reducing anxiety.

Meditative effect

Walking your dog can have a meditative effect, which can help reduce anxiety levels. Walking your dog allows you to focus on your feelings and sensations, as well as the nature around you, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

An anti-stress dog is a great way to cope with every day and academic stress. Their presence can help improve physical and mental health, as well as improve social skills. If you're feeling stressed and anxious, consider getting a dog – it can be your best friend and help you cope with academic stress.




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