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Poppy is a 5 year old, 50 lb. spayed female mix in Bedford, VA

Poppy is a beautiful, sweet and highly intelligent Aussie/Heeler. She’s 5 years old and weighs around 50lbs. She’s very healthy with a fairly high energy level. She has a wonderful personality. She’s amazingly sweet. She loves hugs, and will place one paw on your foot and hug your leg with her other paw. She’s just precious. Also, when you call her, she’ll give you a really big “smile” as she approaches you. We love her sooo very much.

I foster for the local humane society, and that’s how I met her. The elderly lady who had her also loved her very much, but she couldn’t handle her. Poppy was chasing cows that didn’t need chasing. As soon as I brought her home, my wife absolutely fell in love with her. While our situation wasn’t ideal for a dog like her (we already had 10 other rescue dogs), we kept her anyway. As mentioned before, one of the dogs we’ve had for 8 years is Dez, a Jack/Beagle mix who is a big time yapper. Poppy, being the “controlling” type of dog that that her breed is, has had a very difficult time resisting stepping in to “control “ Dez.

We have a trainer who comes and works with our dogs and our fosters, and she’s worked extensively with Poppy. She’s a brilliant girl and has done very well with her training, but situations always will arise when there’s a moment when all the dogs are excited and barking (FedEx, letter carrier, visitor). That’s when she gets after him. In her defense, he really is highly irritating. I’ve considered posting her for adoption previously, but my wife has always talked me out of it.

I recently had surgery, and I’m not supposed to be lifting, pushing or pulling. It’s the perfect time to place her in the perfect home.

She gets along really well with all of the other dogs. She loves cats (we have 7). She loves people, and is very well behaved when she meets someone new.I haven’t had her around any children, but I have no doubt she’d be great. She has never peed or pooped in the house. She will go in a crate if I tell her to. She’s a great pet, and no doubt would be a hard worker if that what someone had in mind.

I definitely think she needs a fenced yard. I think all dogs should have a fenced yard. She has gotten out of our yard a few times, but always comes when I call her.

If you’re ready to meet the love of your life, please get in touch. We’re in Bedford, Va and will work with anyone to get her to the perfect home.
I don’t expect a fee, but a donation to FOBCAS (Friends of Bedford County Animal Shelter) would be greatly appreciated.


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