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Honey is a 3 year old, 65 lb. spayed female in Gray, GA.

Meet Honey!  

When they say eyes are windows to the soul, they truly mean it, whether she is working or enjoying the sunshine with you, you can quite literally feel the love beaming from her eyes when she looks at you, it is because of those eyes and the soul this dog holds that I will diligently work to find her the home and life she deserves.

Background: Honey needs a new home due to a variety of life circumstances and extreme hardship on her current family. She's been an outdoor dog for almost two years due to trouble potty training, but can and has adapted to indoor living. Due to the love she has for her humans, separation from them causes her to have accidents.

Personality: Initially reserved, Honey becomes affectionate with trust and time. She is not good with small children due to her size, rough play, and herding instincts. She does require experienced owners for training. She does really well with most other pets but not chickens or birds. She is nervous and tense when meeting strangers at times, but will accept pets and encouragement from even those she may seem fearful of. Just as she deserves it, she gives anyone chances to get to know and love her.

Special Needs: She does require extra care on the subject of weight management due to tendency to gain weight post-spaying. Needs proper nutrition and exercise which we are currently incapable of giving her. She is currently on a restricted diet in hopes of getting her weight down.

Compatibility: Gets along with most dogs and cats but not small farm animals. Honey has lived in the presence of three other does and two cats for most of her life as well as many roaming strays, she has never attempted to harm another animal, (except chickens and birds), or human.

Passions: LOVES LOVES LOVES learning and working and is heavily food motivated. Enjoys mental stimulation, kayaking, hiking, obedience training, doggy day care, and park play. LOVESSSSSSS WATER!!

Ideal Home: Seeks patient owners with experience and dedication to training. Fenced yard preferred (or acres and acres for running). I do require an Adoption fee that would go to rescue group of your choice. Willing to travel for the right home.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to this sweet girl, please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Let's find Honey the loving family she deserves. 


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