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Goose is an 8 month old, 45 lb. neutered male in Pittsburgh, PA

Goose is an 8 month old male ACD. He is a littermate, and unfortunately has developed littermate syndrome. Although he and his brother can play very well, Goose can be reactive and aggressive with him. They both are resource guarding, and they need to be separated during meals, having bones, and can not have toys together. With all of this combined, sadly, we can not manage them together any longer.


With that being said, Goose is a very sweet, smart, handsome guy. He is currently on 15mg of Prozac to help manage the anxiety he is experiencing, and it is helping. Goose is neutered and is currently up to date on all vaccines, care provided by Valley Veterinary Service, Inc in Belle Vernon, PA.


He is leash reactive at the park, however, we have been working on desensitizing him with positive reinforcement. He can happily enjoy the park, just at a distance from dogs. He has also been in weekly training since he was around 10 weeks old. He knows all basic commands. He is mat trained and can hand target. He is a worker and loves walking, especially in the woods. He loves doing commands and is very food motivated. He responds well to positive reinforcement. He is also crate trained and house broke. He naps and sleeps well. 


Goose has never been exposed to many strangers or children, although he seems to love visitors, is unbothered by people passing by, or cars. He also has only been off leash with dogs at dog school in a monitored environment. I can not say for sure how he would react in a home with other dogs. He may need to be an only dog at this point, with an experienced owner.


He would do best in a fenced in yard or having land to run. He has never been exposed to cats at all. Overall, Goose could be a great companion and could even possibly be an agility dog. He is so smart and has so much potential. It is such a shame we did not know about littermate syndrome, and we are heart broken to have to rehome him. But, we really do believe he is very special and will be someone’s best friend.


If you are in the Pittsburgh area or surrounding areas and are interested in loving Goose in your home, please contact me at 724-322-6724 or email me at We would be willing to assist with transporting Goose to his new home. Also, we would not expect an adoption fee.

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