Charlie is a 15 month old, 45 lb. neutered male mix in Germantown, NY. 

Our loving and handsome Charlie boy has to be re-homed to the perfect fit for him. Our family loves this boy more than anything, but unfortunately, even though Charlie strongly reciprocates, he has once shown aggression toward one our human littles who also happen to be a boy (cannot re-home him)! It was only once, and they have been together for weeks after the incident, but we just cannot chance it.


Through some very tough conversations, we decided our scenario just may not be Charlie's perfect fit. Our super smart boy is 15 months old and weighs in at ~48 pounds. He has been neutered, so no risk of any little Charlie's running around! Having a ton of energy is in his DNA! He has been completely housebroken since he was a baby boy ~3 months old.


He will certainly need a LOT of room to run and activities to keep his brain busy! His health is wonderful! He has been to the vet regularly and is UTD on all his vaccinations. He did have a small bout with Lyme, but was successfully treated and retested after the aggression incident and was negative. Due to the incident I would ask that he not be around small children.


His best friend is our neighbors male pit bull! He has been around cats and has never shown aggression towards them. He just tends to jump around and bark in his goofy manner or sniff until the neighbor's cat gets annoyed :)


Charlie is currently with us in Germantown, NY. His current vet is located in Redhook. I could provide his records if another would be chosen. We are not looking for any kind of adoption fee, though donations to the ACDRA group organizing would be much appreciated!!! We would certainly be open to meeting somewhere for a meet and greet with Charlie if interested in receiving the love and friendship this boy has to offer!

More about the incident.

Charlie has only shown true aggression with my 5 year old son. He "muzzle bumped" him one evening a few weeks ago while he was laying next to my 3 year old daughter. Son tried petting him and he jumped up and pushed him down with a closed mouth. About 2 hours later, Charlie and my son were sitting together, my son reached around and put his hand on the back of Charlie's head to pet him and Charlie went at my son, leaving only an abrasion on his cheek. We have kept them apart as much as we can since then within reason with no other signs of aggression. He does tend to nip at the kids still while they are playing, but in typical Heeler fashion. He was not fixed at the time, and we had just begun aggressive training with him a few weeks before so I'm not sure if any of that attributed to it. I called the vet that week and scheduled and appt to have him fixed. He was fixed that following Thursday. Again, no additional signs of aggression but I just trust that it won't happen again :( I would have no issue keeping him, but we've already had him for weeks after the event and I am overly stressed with keeping them separate or alone together to avoid another incident which may never even occur again. Just don't know.

Charlie is in Germantown, NY.

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