Blue is a 1.5 year old, 40 lb. neutered male Cattle Dog/Pointer mix in Bothell, WA.

Blue is energetic and loves playing fetch, going on walks and eating.


He is super smart and obedient. When playing fetch he will drop the ball right at your feet. The first day we got him I was able to tell him to go to his bed while we ate dinner and he sat there until he was excused. When he is fed he will sit and "say please" by putting his paws up in front of him and will wait until released to eat his food.


He knows basic commands (sit, stay, come, down, roll-over, etc) and is able to learn more complex commands as well. He is crate trained and is always happy when his family returns home. He currently lives with a cat who he loves to play with and would love to have other dogs in the house to play with.


Blue will do best in a home with no children. Blue needs regular physical and mental activity and would love to have a yard to run in and chew sticks. Blue likes to stay close to his owners as long as there are no distractions around- "squirrel"! Blue is timid and unsure around new people and will try to protect his home from those he does not know. A quiet household with few visitors would be the best place for him.


We have to re-home Blue due to incidents of aggression. Blue has bitten two adults. The 1st incident occurred in a situation that overwhelmed Blue and someone he did not know reached out to pet him and her bit the persons hand. The person required stitches in her hand. The 2nd incident occurred when a stranger began to walk up the driveway of our house. Blue ran down the driveway barking and bit the person on the leg. Unknown what type of medical care was given. The injury did not bleed much, there was a visible puncture wound. Blue has gotten aggressive towards two different golden retrievers when at a dog park over sticks. Typically Blue loves playing with other dogs. Blues behavior does rise to the level of biting. We have been working with an in-home trainer and the services can be transferred to the new owner with Blue, depending on location.


He is improving in his behavior but the area we live in is too busy and poses too much risk. Our social lifestyle does not allow us to take Blue to our friends homes due to concerns of young children running around and us not taking any chances that he would snap at one (please note that Blue has never bit a child as we have not given him the opportunity). We want to ensure Blue goes to a home where he will be loved and that is a good fit for him. If we find a home that is right for Blue we will help in whatever way to make the transition as easy as possible.

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