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Bandit is a 2.5 year old, 35 lb. neutered male in Shallotte, NC.

Bandit is an average energy level dog. He is up for playing for as long as you are able but is also ok with going into his kennel when it's nap time. He is crate and house trained. I have only had Bandit for 2 months after his previous owners gave him up to move to CA. They did not want to travel with their 2 y/o child and a dog cross country.


Since fostering Bandit in Nov 22, he has been neutered, treated for worms, updated on all shots and started on monthly maintenance flea, tick, heart worm meds. He does not appear to have any health issues. He is very playful and sweet. He came from a home of neglect and possible abuse. He loves all of his toys but he is a tough chewer. So only the toughest toys for this guy. He insists on chewing his toys on my shoes. He does not chew my shoes but I still have a hard time trusting that.


He can catch a frisbee and likes to play fetch. He will drop the ball or frisbee for you to throw over and over again. He will sit on command and we have been learning to sit until released. Still working on that. He is currently not in fenced yard so he has a beep/vibrate collar that helps me to keep him close.


He is obsessed with squirrels in the trees and will chase them all around the yard from tree to tree. He has been around small kids from the age of 6 to 12 and has played well with them. He has only ever been around female dogs with me and has done fine. I was told that he tried to be dominant when meeting a German Shepard male that did not go Bandit's way.


He has shown some aggression towards males and has bitten at them twice. Both times were a light bite that did not bruise or break the skin. I do not know much of his past.


When I first got him, I allowed him on the furniture. Once he was startled awake and snarled and snapped at me. He is not allowed on the furniture anymore and we have not encountered that situation again. He does well now with not getting on the furniture. He sleeps in a kennel and doesn't make a peep until the sun comes up. Once the sun is up he is ready to be up.


I have not noticed any kind of food aggression. I make him sit before I put his food down. He is a fast eater so I purchased one of those bowls that makes him slow down. He allows me to wipe his feet off if they are dirty from being outside before coming indoors without any problems. He has let me get things out of his mouth, touch on his feet pads and ears without issue.


I think Bandit would do best in a home that allowed him to run around and possibly had a job for him to do like herd something. I would be willing to travel some distance to help relocate him into a good home. I would like a donation of no less than $50 made to a rescue group to help future pups find good homes.

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