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Zulu is a 1.5 year old, 50 lb. spayed female in Sunbury, OH.



Zulu is an ACD-Shepherd mix. She is spayed and up-to-date on vaccines.

Zulu is an ex-Amish dog so she had a rough start to life but she now knows multiple commands (sit, stay, down, leave it, place, crate, middle, heel, break, look, come), she loves being outside on hikes/walks/runs, she loves swimming, she is very playful, she is crate trained (and LOVES it, it is her safe space), potty trained, and is excellent on walks. She is a little reactive to dogs, but does better with a proper introduction.


Zulu has a high prey drive, so it would be best if there were no cats/small animals in the home. She is also a little reactive to riding in the car - more like excitement that she doesn't know what to do with. Zulu is great with adults and we know she does well with kids 7+ (we haven't seen her with younger kids). She has no health issues & her last vet visit was 6/2023.

We adopted Zulu from a shelter several months ago, but due to our living situation (small -650 sqft- apartment) she doesn’t have the space she needs. My husband and I are also starting new jobs in January 2024 with long hours that would make caring for Zulu incredibly difficult. Zulu needs a place where she can run, play, and explore. She would be an INCREDIBLE farm dog, but ultimately needs the space to thrive. Zulu is such a great pup!

Willing to assist in transport. Adoption fee $120.


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