Zulie is a 3 year old, 50 lb. neutered male in Asheville, NC.

Zulie is very goofy and silly. Loves to play fetch, herd a giant ball around the park, eat fruit, learn new tricks, cuddles, attention and will sing/yodel.


Great on leash. We go hiking and camping together and he will play in water. I love this dog and do not want to see him go to a shelter. He is the sweetest loving dog I’ve ever own. He needs someone with permanent house, a fenced yard or land to roam (he has good recall). He does not do well with change and I am not in a part of my life that is consistent. He is great once he is on a routine. I manage him very well with behavior modification. Once he lets you in he will love you like no other dog.

He is very shy with strangers coming into the home. We have gotten introductions down pretty good. Unsure about new dogs. When dog approaches him he gets scared. He was attacked a year back.


He has a bite history. It’s documented as a provoked bite. He got into the garbage while I was away and my roommate was yelling at him and pushing him out of the garbage and he bit his hand. No stitches. He does typical heeler nipping of hands.

Zulie is in Asheville, NC.

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