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Zoey is a 3.5 year old, 68 lb. spayed female mix in North Babylon, NY.

After a lot of consideration, we are making the difficult decision to rehome Zoey due to no fault of her own. We are in an apartment with no yard and recently had a baby. She’s amazing with her but our home is no longer an environment in which she thrives and we are rarely home anymore to give her the love and attention she deserves and needs.

Zoey is house trained and knows the following commands: "Crate" , "Sit" , "Down" , "Stay" , "Come" , "Heel", "off", "Leave it". She is a really smart girl who can learn any trick or command you throw her way. She is about 68 pounds right now and needs some more regular exercise to lose some weight.

Zoey is an anxious dog, and does not like to take walks, but she loves to play and run around outside in an enclosed yard with her humans or other dogs. She has a hard time with new people but with multiple introductions she eventually warms up. She is very good with kids but for her own sake would likely be happiest in a quiet home without them. Zoey will thrive in a house with space where at least one family member can be home with her for the majority of the time.


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