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Woods is a 10 month old, 50 lb. neutered male in Henrico, VA.

Our blue heeler, Woods, is a very high energy puppy. He loves to fetch a ball or stick and will play as long as you are willing to. He’s affectionate and friendly.


Woods is potty/crate trained. He is a male and has always played great with other dogs. We have a fenced in backyard and he loves to run and jump. Woods enjoys playing with the water hose and gets excited to be outside. We love him very much but he is stubborn and his high level of energy is difficult for us considering we have a toddler that requires constant attention. He plays well with our son but tends to jump on him and has on occasion scratched the kid.


He has a hard time being calm and is just generally hyper. Our reason for trying to find him a new home is basically, he’s just too energetic to have around our 3 year old. Woods has bitten accidentally, while playing with water or balls he gets so excited and just goes for whatever he wants. We have tried very hard to try to make this work but our heeler just doesnt fit well with our family.


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