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Tucker is a 3 year old, 45 lb. neutered male in Middle River, MD.

Throughout the three years with Tucker, his personality really showed. He is a high energy therapy dog lol. He has a ton of energy to play whenever you want, but loves to snuggle and really knows when you’re upset. He literally will collapse on to you and “hold” you when he senses sadness or stress. But if you say “whooohooo” he’ll go crazy! Though no dog is perfect.


He loves to play with the other dogs, but he’s a bit much and gets way too over stimulated. His excitement and energy multiplies when he’s around other dogs in the house and causes a lot of stress and chaos for the family. Please know that he is not a bad dog by any means. The best way to describe it would be a bull in a china shop when surrounded by other high energy dogs. Tucker will flourish as an only dog in the household.


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