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Tess is a 6 year old, 38 lb. spayed female in Danbury, CT.



Meet Tess! She is a cattle dog/shepard (Aussie?) mix that has been loved on since she was adopted at 9 weeks old. Sadly our home life has changed and we can no longer provide Tess the life she deserves.

Tess loves being outside in all weather (raised in the North East she’s not afraid of snow!). Like her breed, Tess is a protector and worker. She’ll patrol our property all day if we let her - warding off wild critters (Squirrels!) and barking at anyone who approaches our home (for our friends the barks are met with a waging tail, strangers she’ll look to her humans as to whether or not we need her “help”). 

She loves the freedom to run freely and that’s our hope for her new home. We also hope to find a person(s) that’s home often to allow her outdoor freedom as well as companionship.  

She has taken her humans to obedience school where she got A+’s while her humans F’s for providing little follow through afterwards. Tess has the basics down (sit, come, down, stay) but we know she would excel if someone took the time to work with her! She’s a fast learner and to her it’s a job (and she LOVES a job - especially if the pay is a training treat like string cheese).

What would not work for Tess: being cooped up alone for extended periods of time. She’s housebroken and not a crate pup. She’d prefer older kids to play fetch with or teach her some new tricks! While Tess has some great puppy friends in the neighborhood, it’d have to be seen if she’d do well with other dogs in a home setting. She’s definitely an alpha with younger dogs!

Tess is a sweet girl when she feels safe and secure and will do anything for her people. She’s UTD on all her vaccinations and recently had her annual physical (vet docs available). We give her monthly heart-worm and tick treatments, and other than needing her anal glands expressed by the Vet Tech 3-4 times a year she’s in excellent health!


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