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Taz is at 3 year old, 50 lb. neutered male in West Springfield, PA.

My daughter bought Tax when he was a puppy, and he has been with us since. He gets along with our pack of 2 cats and another dog. He has undergone some training and has a good recall with us.

He shows his feelings with his ears and his tail. He is a high-energy dog who loves playing catch with a ball or frisbee. He has his favorite ball (Boomer Ball) and will fly around the whole yard with it.

Taz is house trained and will let you know if he needs to go outside, but he will NOT go outside when it is down pouring rain. He will hold it till it stops.

He is current on all his vaccines and is healthy, minus the extra meals he gets occasionally, lol. Taz is currently taking Trazodone for his anxiety. He is trained to use a muzzle for Vet trips and busy areas cause he will snap if they get too close or he is scared.

Taz needs old blanketsbecause he needs to suck on them like a binky. He doesn't always like to cuddle. He does need to place to call his own and hide from the world. We will include brushes, nail cutters, etc.

We currently have a wood-lined backyard that we let him play leash-free.

Taz needs a home with a big yard to run and someone that will give of time to play, learn and build his confidence. He really is a beautiful, good listener, and hungry guy.


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