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Stormy is a 4 year old, 30 lb. spayed female mix in Melbourne, FL.

Stormy is a Mini Texas Heeler (Mini Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler). She is spayed, microchipped, and UTD on her vaccines. She is house trained and crate trained.


I got her as a rehoming situation when she was 6 months old. She was very fearful and skittish with new people and other dogs when I first got her during COVID. I have worked with a trainer both in Texas and here in Florida. She has come a long way and loves to learn and train.


She does well with dogs she has been properly/slowly introduced to. She as lived with three other dogs (a female Sher Pei and currently a male Great Dane/Cane Corso mix and a male French Bulldog) without issue. She can be bossy and protective of her toys and people towards other dogs if not put in her place by her human. She has also lived with two cats (ignored each other for the most part), but she would chase after them at times but never touched or hurt them.


I tried out sheep herding with her a few times and she seemed to enjoy it but we stopped going because I moved. I have no idea how she would be around other livestock or birds as she hasn't been exposed to it. She can be reactive on the leash towards things on wheels, people, and dogs. This is something I have been working on and she has gotten better but it will need to be continued to be worked on. She was reactive about her feet and human feet when I got her. Now she lets me touch her feet and use a grinder when needed and occasionally barks/moves away when human feet get too close.


She loves to play fetch and will do so all day. She knows her basic commands, leave it, drop, heel, off, and wait. She also knows place, stay, and come but these could be better with practice. She is a cuddler and loves to snuggle on the couch and in bed. I would say she is a velcro dog (doesn't like to leave my side). She is great in the house and has does well with guests both woman and men in the past.


She needs an experienced dog owner due to her high energy and past reactive behaviors. She would also need someone familiar with the breed and their traits. She has done well around kids in the past but can become protective and overwhelmed in chaotic environments. She would probably do better in an adult only home and a fenced in yard or property is a must (she has gotten out of the yard once and taken off). I would say dogs and cats could be okay if slowly introduced and allowed time to decompress.

Since getting Stormy I have lived in a home with a yard while I was finishing grad school. She has always had a safe place to play and run off some energy. We are currently staying with my parents and their two dog who have started fighting. My parents are focused keeping their two dogs alive and working with a trainer who is also helping me with Stormy on walks.


Stormy and I place with them was always temporary until I found a job after graduating. While looking for a job and place to live it has become apparent that I am no longer going to be able to provide the time and environment that Stormy deserves. I only want what is best for her and her long term happiness. That being said I would like any potential adopters to ideally be able to do at least one meet and greet to make sure they are a good fit for her and her them, as well as a small rehoming fee. I would be willing to travel within reason if it meant she was going to the best home possible.


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