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Stormy is a 4 year old, 30 lb. spayed female mix in Melbourne, FL.



Stormy is a Mini Texas Heeler (Mini Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog). She has been my best friend for almost 4 years now and it is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to rehome her. She is a very smart and loving dog. Her two favorite things are being by your side and playing ball. She is a big cuddler and loves to snuggle on the couch or in bed.


She loves to go for walks and is always up for an adventure on a hike or at the beach. Stormy can be protective of her people and can be nervous of strange situations, people, and dogs especially on walks. This is something that I have continued to work on and I have seen considerable progress.


She knows her basic commands: heel, sit, down, off, leave it, drop, place, etc. She is great in the house, no begging, chewing, or stealing. She would probably do best as an only dog and has done okay with dogs she has been slowly introduced to in the past. She has been great with guests in the house, both men and women. She has done well with kids in the past but would probably be better suited in an adult only household. This being said, she has lived with both dogs, cats, older kids and been okay with all.


She needs a home with someone who has the time to give her the attention she deserves and a fenced in yard that she can play in. I recently finished grad school and I have been staying with my family temporarily. I have come to the realization that I am most likely going to have to move out of the area (losing the support of my family) and into an apartment. This would be torture for Stormy and I am not going to have the time to give her the attention she needs.


My priority is finding the best home for Stormy and I am more than happy to answer any questions. Small rehoming fee and I am willing to travel, within reason, if it means she is going to a good home.


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