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Stevie is a 2 year old, 60 lb. spayed female in Tempe, AZ.

Stevie is a blast! I would say she's is medium to high energy but has learned to tone it down when she is with me and it is not "play time". She loves to go to the park and chase the ball around - not great at bringing it back. Stevie will go on any adventure with you - she loves to kayak, hike and run. She will find the shade where ever you go.

She is trained to use a bell to go outside (sometimes she uses for attention as well), sleeps through the night. Is not kennel trained but is easy to leave at home unattended for hours at a time, she has never been destructive. At first greeting she can be insecure and fearful of meeting both dogs and people.


She does really well meeting people and dogs if we go on a quick walk around the cul-de-sac together. She doesn't like to be touched unless she has welcomed that person into her "pack". She's a huge cuddler if she likes the person. She chases cars and cats. She does okay with babies, although I don't trust her completely and would not leave her alone with them. I do not think she would do well with young kids since she does not do well with unpredictability.

Medically she has racked up some bills and I am assuming it is due to her impulsive behavior. She has had a stab wound to both her eye and her chest, I think it must have been a stick or something. She is also missing one of her front teeth. She has environmental allergies and is currently taking medication daily.

I would say due to insecurity and not aggression but she has nipped at other dogs and people when she feels threatened. She goes for the ankles but if someone reaches into her place unwarranted she may go for the arm. This is not for every interaction but it has happened. When she has successfully nipped it has bruised.

Person or family with a fenced yard with lots of space, a highly active and outdoor personality and patience would be a great fit for her. She is such a wonderful dog and has become my best pal. I am rehoming her do due to a life circumstance change and an inability to be able to continue our active lifestyle.


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