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Snowy is a 2 - 3 year old spayed female mix in Greenville, NC.

Snowy is a very sweet and affectionate girl:

- Spayed and microchipped 

- heeler mix

- knows basic commands (sit, stay, come, kennel) 

- potty and kennel trained


Snowy has seen a behavioral specialist vet who has diagnosed her with anxiety aggression.This is why she MUST be the ONLY dog in the house. 


Because of her anxiety aggression the vet recommended that Snowy not be around any other animal in the home, however Snowy has been EXCELLENT with cats. In her previous home she showed no interest in them, and in her current temporary foster home she had one walk up and hiss in her face and she showed no reaction what so ever. She showed slight interest, with wanting a greeting sniff, after that - nothing. 


She does require anxiety medication - first 6 months will be provided. 


Snowy is all about her people. She is a very anxious when meeting new people, she has given warning nips in the past when overstimulated and they reached down to pet her upon first meeting. But she warms up fairly quickly and turns into a cuddle bug. 


Temperament: very sweet and cuddly girl, she is active but once she burns through her energy all she wants is her person. Will most likely be found curled up at your feet anywhere or finding a nook to nap in. She is a super loving, but anxious, girl who will give cute little tippy taps when she is excited and wants cuddles. She is used to sleeping in her kennel at night and does not require kenneling throughout the day. SHE IS A WATER DOG, though not fond of getting bathed, she loves to splash around and play in water like lakes and rivers. 


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