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Smoki is a 3 year old, 30 lb. spayed female in Brunswick, ME.

We had Smoki with a foster, and things went wonderful with just him for two weeks or so. He was amazing with and for her in a rural environment with land to roam. 


But Smoki met his partner last week, and at some point, bit her on the hand. 


I'm trying to find a solution that can avoid behavioral euthanasia, because she is truly so wonderful, but I'm running out of time and options. I know the options are slim, but I’m posting her again to do everything I can to find another answer.


Smoki appears to be territorial / herding in these incidents. Given this latest incident, she is a definite bite risk, and if someone were to take her as a rehome, they’ll have to understand and accept that she'll need to be managed as such. 99% of the time she is the most wonderful dog, but the 1% exists.


She's very smart and I think she could be managed with isolation, as needed, and vigilance, but I also can't say that she'd never slip again.


The arrangement most likely for success now would be someone, likely a man, in a rural setting with room to roam / burn energy, who lives alone, and would like a wonderful velcro companion, and has space for her to have her own room to hang out, perhaps, when people visit. She also would probably do better as the only dog or cat; it’s possible she could be fine with a bigger dog(s) that can put her in her place in the pecking order, but it’d depend on the specific dog(s).


Some other notes about Smoki:


Smoki loves to greet you with great energy when you’ve been gone for a while. She’ll often want to put her paws up on your legs. She loves to meet new guests and is often over-excited. Also, keep an eye out for you or guests when they sit, as she has been known to launch herself onto laps in excitement. She does a funny thing with my wife where she’ll literally hug her arm with both paws and not let go and sometimes even do a light growl but it’s always been like a “don’t you dare let go of my hug” thing, not threatening; never had any biting involved.


If she's doing something she's not supposed to, you can sternly say "go to bed" a few times, and she'll stop, and she'll usually go to her bed. There are times where she will just lay down and go limp and show you her belly; funny but annoying.


She mostly doesn’t spend much time on the bed, but she does love to cuddle (the few times she does) if you’ve been gone and then come back and lay on the bed. She’ll lounge on the bed sometimes, but for the most part, she likes to sleep on the floor next to the bed, on her bed, or in her cage. Sometimes she’ll sleep under the bed. She likes a thin blanket to cover 3 sides of the cage. I think it makes her think she only has one angle she needs to protect vs. all sides while she sleeps. If you don’t want her up-and-about in the night, it’s best to cage her. She’ll growl and bark at loud noises or people moving unexpectedly outside in the night.


When loading into the car, I say “load up.” When I want her out of the front seat, I say “bed” a few times and point to the back. She likes to be in the front and be attentive. She will sometimes bark at loud trucks, and she’ll alert to people or cars while riding at what seems to me as random, but something annoys her. She loves to have the window cracked enough for her head to be out and she’ll bite at the air as it whips by. Once she settles in and realizes it’ll be a long drive, she’ll take long naps.


We do breakfast and dinner with her. And treats throughout the day. She loves cheese! She’s not really picky about food; she’ll eat most anything. But doesn’t hurt to have some wet food mixed in with a bowl of dry food. Whipped cream gets her to dive in if nothing else. 


She’s very sneaky and interested with human food about, so watch your plate!


Generally speaking, she only chews her toys. Every once in a while, she’ll chew a bit of a shirt or something, esp. if you’ve been away a while and it has your scent heavy on it from sweating and it’s left on the ground.


We’ve done walks morning, afternoon and night, but if she’s allowed out and about regularly, she’ll do her #1 and #2 business as she needs. If she sits consistently with her back to the door and looks at you, she probably has to use the bathroom pretty bad. Otherwise, she doesn’t complain about it really.


If she feels strongly about something, she’ll vocally complain. 


She does not like to be cornered, generally, esp. when space is tight, like around doors.


At the dog park, sometimes she’ll run with other dogs, but she mostly just likes to retrieve her ball and comes with that expectation. If she is playing with the ball, she doesn’t want to be bothered by other dogs, and will bark at them if they do. I take her to her own area.


If she gets away from you and runs up to another person, she just greets them and comes running back. This usually happens if I’m not paying attention, or fumbling with the leash and it slips. If it’s a dog, she may do that; other times, she may growl and bark, but she’ll come back. As we talked about, her recall is good, but not perfect, esp. if she’s really interested. She’s great on trails, but I tend to leash her up if another dog is coming along, and then unleash her and keep going.


She had high play interest in our old cat, but he didn’t like her. 


She can do sit. Lay. Shake when reaching your hand. Spin while doing a spinning motion.


When walking with her, you can say wait and she'll usually wait. You can say back, and she'll usually move back; that works when sitting as well.


She can "stay" if you work with her on it a bit, but she's not well disciplined with that one.


When you're playing tug with her toy, she'll release it if you say "release" while pulling.


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