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Shadow is a 2 year old, 45 lb. neutered male in Salyersville, KY.

Shadow is one handsome dog! While he is still learning to trust and come out of his shell he has such potential! Shadow is two years old,has been neutered, house broken, and currently lives with two other older dogs. He enjoys being around the older male dog and older female dog, but tends to follow the older male dog around, like a shadow. He also loves to follow people around and will let you know if he wants pets. Shadow is very healthy and is food motivated.

Shadow came as a stray about one year ago and has a hard time trusting people. He is skiddish and as a true heeler, tries to nip at everyones heels. A couple of instances have occurred where he has shown aggressiveness towards strangers. His bites have never broken the skin, but he doesn't let anyone really touch him unless he decides he wants to. He is extremely food motivated. My parents and I have no experience with cattle dogs or heelers and believe he would benefit from an experienced owner who can get him to trust others and learn how to perform as a working breed dog.


This has been an extremely difficult decision to rehome Shadow as we absolutely love and adore him. However, we constantly have children and strangers present at our home and do not know even where to begin to show this guy the proper way to fully develop and hone his working breed skills. We believe he would be most happy on a farm with cattle who can actually teach him to use his natural instincts.

Shadow is an inside/outside dog and comes in and out throughout the day. We have been able to get a collar and leash on him and continue to work with him to gain his trust. We hope we can find someone who can help this guy reach his full potential.

We will assist with any transport, fees, vetting, training that may be required for Shadow.

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