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Rusty is a 2 year old 45 lb. neutered male in Williston, ND.

Rusty is a little bit older than 2 years. He is a Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix. He is a neutered male. He loves to play and play fetch. But he also loves to cuddle and sleep right next to you. He loves playing with dogs of all sizes. He is fearful and reactive towards new people or when he is scared. He is around 45 pounds and has 0 health issues.


Rusty has a bite history with 2 people. He is anxious, fearful, reactive. One bite drew blood and caused bruising. The other did not break skin. Both bites on legs of human adults.


You will need to muzzle and drug him when you go to the vet. He is housebroken. I would suggest no small children. He has no experience with cats. I will assist in transport to a new home if I can find a good fit. He needs an experienced handler.

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