Rusty is a 1 year old, 37 lb. neutered male in Arden, NC.

We got him from a pet store when he was 8 weeks old so we do not know if he is pure bred blue heeler. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots. He is a very high energy dog. We got him thinking we'd be able to manage him in an apartment setting but we've found that his current living situation is not ideal for his breed and energy needs.


Rusty was raised with three cats but would be better suited in a home without cats as he tends to chase. Ideally he would do well as an only dog or with another dog owning household. He would also do better in a home with kids over the age of 8 since he can jump and zoom when excited. A fenced in yard would be best as he requires a lot of exercise.


He loves balls and playing in water. He is crate trained and house trained as well. He is pretty well trained and learns quick (food motivated) and would do best with someone who has the time and experience to work with a heeler. Rusty had surgery in December of 2020 to remove a fragment in his elbow. He has had many trips to the vet as a result and has become very afraid in that setting. He's had to be medicated in order to get his shots/nails done. He would likely need to be muzzle trained when needing to go to the vet. He has been on kennel/crate rest for the past two months and would likely need to continue the slow progression exercise.


We are making this difficult decisions because we know he deserves to be in a setting where he can live like a heeler. He spends most of his day in a crate and we've seen how it's affected his behavior. He has become irritated, anxious and frustrated.


Rusty has displayed some aggressive tendencies primarily with meals. We are unsure if this is because we have cats or if this is typical food aggression. I have been able to hand feed him but he has demonstrated warning nips towards the cats and my boyfriend. He also broke skin and bit my boyfriend while he was petting Rusty. It was unprovoked and without food around so we are unsure where it came from but likely think it's due to his frustration of being penned up. My boyfriend had previously been bitten by an old dog he had and does not feel comfortable around Rusty since the incident. That is why we think it is in the best interest of everyone he go to a home where someone has the time and resources he needs.


We have tried to do private training but with his surgery and costs we just don't have the financial means to get him trained properly. Rusty is a GREAT dog, he is lovable and is eager to please. He has had a few bumps but I think with the proper training he could make a great addition to someone's home. He is still very young and I think there's a lot of potential for training and correcting these behaviors. We would be happy to transport him to his new home and do not require any fees and/or adoption costs. We want what is best for Rusty and we know he will make someone very happy.

Rusty is in Arden, NC.

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