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Ruby is a 5 year old, 48 lb. spayed female in Indianapolis, IN.

Ruby is a high energy ACD (Mix) that is approx. 5 years old. She has been well cared for since we adopted her from Indianapolis Animal Care Services. At the time she was living at a foster home with another ACD and did fine. The problem was we adopted Ruby during the beginning of Covid (2020) and she did not have any further interaction with people/other dogs for over a year.


Ruby is extremely loyal and picks on person to be her alpha. She follows the alpha like a shadow and is very obedient. But she will get into mischief if she doesn't get enough attention or exercise. She takes two pills of Trazodone every day to help her with her separation anxiety and high level of energy. She is house trained and crate trained.


We have an 8 month old baby that she appears anxious around. But after some training she did very well with the baby, licking her hands, feet, and face, and often showing little to no interest of the baby. About 2 months ago I (alpha) was walking with the baby and ruby excitedly jumped and nipped at the babies foot. Since our baby was born we have not had the time to take her out for long walks/runs. As a result Ruby has become more anxious due to lack of attention/exercise.


Ruby shows signs of aggression towards other dogs and anyone that comes on/near our property. She also gets very protective when traveling in a vehicle. She has not bit anyone but as nipped at our baby when she wanted the baby to come back to the floor. Ruby has licked our baby on the face/feet and did well up until she nipped at her foot.


She would do very well with a family with older kids with a big yard or an individual or couple who has the time to let her run around and explore. She is an extremely well behaved dog but like many ACD is overly protective.


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