Rowdy is a 9.5 years young standard red heeler. He has grown up in home with 4 kids, multiple dogs, and 2 cats. 

He is fantastic with kids and cats however he has had issue with some of our dogs. He has had issue with anxiety which I think were rooted in his early days. As a puppy in Arkansas, he was dumped on the side of a road with mother and littermate and the rescuers had spent weeks trying to catch him. He was extremely fearful when we adopted him. While he improved over the years he has become more anxious once again and it has caused a ripple effect amongst our current pack. He will often growl at other dogs in the house but has never bitten any other dogs , in fact he has sadly been a victim of a handful of suture requiring bites from his sister. While he has been bitten repeatedly, he has NEVER tired to retaliate, yet his anxiety is understandably growing as a result. We love him dearly but have come to the decision as our vet pointed out , that he would be much happier in a quieter home.


He is currently at a good friends home and has shown to be more relaxed and happy as a result. In this situation he is living with an older Lhasa apso and two boys aged 2 and 4. My friend says that he has really been doing much better and while they love him, they think he deserves a home that can give him the exercise he needs. Rowdy is the smartest dog we have ever owned. He will even loop a long leash into smaller circles to carry it himself. He is very fit and loves to pay fetch- especially frisbees. He walks great on leash and has excellent recall off leash. We had regularly hiked off leash with him and he runs along with my husband when mountain bike riding.


He is very affectionate but not needy. he just likes to be by your side- very velcro. I think he would do best in a house where he was the only dog. He does fine with many but he can be picky. He likes to have his space and feels threatened with pushy or over excitable dogs. He is fine with respectful kids of all ages and largely ignored our cats. Like most cattle dogs he likes to warm up to people at his own pace. This has been a truly heart wrenching decision for our family but we hope there is someone out there with a more quiet home who will fall in love with him !

While he has been the recipient of numerous bites from his sister in the past, he never once bit back at her. He does growl and bare teeth when he feel threatened but has never acted out with biting or snapping. He occasionally submissive pees and has even defecated when at the vet because he gets so nervous. Even when greatly stresses- like during vet visits, he has never bitten or snapped.

Rowdy is currently in Dover, MA.

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