Ronin is a 5 year old, 67 lb. neutered male in Lincolnton, NC.

I'll love you more! And I can prove it. My name is Ronin. I am a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. Everyone thinks I am absolutely beautiful. But, I am very sweet too. I have been on and off leash trained, crate trained and I am completely house broken. I have been very well taken care of since my mom only has me and my brother as her kids. Although I get along with my brother 99% of the time, we butt heads about every 6 months. And MOM jumps in the middle. She panics because she is afraid we are going to hurt each other. I recently had to have my tail removed from our last fight, so I have a cute little nub now.


(Ronin does not show aggression. One of the dogs have bitten when attempting to break up their fights. Have not been able to determine which dog actually bit. They are not aware of their surroundings at the time and just fighting. They have never nipped, snapped, or showed any aggression otherwise. 3 times have required medical attention.)


I love my home and my family loves me, but I think I could be happy at a new home with lots of room to run. That may be why me and my brother get into it ever once in a while. I am not able to get enough of my energy out, and he is a grumpy ole man. I am a very happy, happy dog! I love to lay in front of fans, eat ice cubes, play with my favorite toys, and hide under my blankets. I can completely cover myself and scare my mom and brother when they walk by.


I live inside and struggle a little with being outside for very long, just because I am not used to it. That would take some adjusting. But I am sure I could manage if you would be patient with me. I know I am supposed to run and herd, but that has not been in my daily activities. I love to make you happy, so I would give it my all. If you would like to meet me, I am sure my mom or nana would let you. Either of them will probably cry. They have been doing that quite a bit lately, when they talk to me. They just want me to have a great life.

Ronin is in Lincolnton, NC. 

For more information, email lpenwarden1963@gmail.com

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