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Rocko is a 12 year old, 55 lb. neutered male in Atlanta, GA.

Rocko is an amazing Boy. He is a blue heeler mix with high energy and a bit of food aggression. He does not like other dogs when on a leash but does fine at dog parks and daycare.


With a new baby on the way, he needs to find a new home. He has a bit of a cough from a fire that he was caught in about a year ago. Vet says his lungs and heart sound good. He needs lots of room and someone that will give him lots of love and attention. He is intense but he's also very sweet and loving.

He will bark at other dogs when on a leash but is fine at the dog park or daycare when off the leash. If he finds a wrapper of any sort sometimes he will show aggression when trying to get it from him.

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