Rigby is a 1 year old, 40 lb. neutered male Australian cattle dog/coonhound mix in Sacramento, CA.

Rigby is handsome as all get out.  Rigby is a very snuggly and affectionate dog, who needs a more structured environment than we could give him. He lives with an older female dog and seems to get along well with all dogs. He lives with cats and likes them, but can be found barking at them to play.


He is very smart and trainable, and likes to learn new tricks. He knows most of the basics like sit, down, stay, and is pretty good at leave it and recall. Roll over. He likes to be around his people and will stay near you at the dog park or off leash in the woods. 

He has mild interest in things like squirrels and birds but doesn't seem to have a prey drive. He does try to herd his siblings sometimes.

Rigby likes to swim, hike, play fetch and tug, and do just about anything with you! He walks nicely on a leash but can pull when excited. He's still learning to keep all 4 paws on the ground when his favorite humans come home. He is potty trained and has not had an accident or broken anything while left un-crated for about 4 hours. His energy level is pretty low for the breeds, he likes to train and go on walks but will get a bit grouchy if he doesn't get to take his afternoon nap. He definitely has the potential to be a farm dog, but would thrive in a house with a structured routine and clear expectations. 

He's on a puppy plan and up to date on all vaccines, flea and heartworm prevention. 

He has some issues with resource guarding, and he does not like new people or situations. He has warmed up to all the people I've introduced him to repeatedly. Because he doesn't like new situations, I'd like to do a meet and greet with his new foster home or permanent home to help transition him to a new lifestyle. I'm fairly confident he would not willingly go home with a stranger. 

He's a wonderful dog, but due to covid job loss I can't afford a trainer, or provide him with the training and structure he needs to thrive.

I do not expect an adoption fee, just a meet and greet to help him adjust. Thank you for your time.



He has resource guarding aggression that we have struggled to fix. After Prozac, he's much more manageable but most of his aggression is aimed at strangers/new people coming into the house. He has never bitten a stranger but has lunged/jumped and threatened to bite strangers. He has adjusted well to guests who visit repeatedly, and becomes affectionate towards them. Our biggest problem is that he resource guards my bed from my wife and myself. He has not bit yet, but lunges or charges, and has nipped lightly. I can't use a kennel to put him in at night because he has kennel aggression. He's always happy to come out of his kennel when I come home, but will snap and snarl when you close the door or approach while he's in. We have worked on this and can trade treats to prevent snapping most of the time. Our biggest problem is the repeated charging when my spouse and I try to get into our bed. It has been about 2 months of this behavior on and off. Some days we have no issues, and other days it's a repeat issue. He doesn't seem to lunge at any specific body part. We have undergone some changes that seemed to start these behaviors. Moved into a house, had more new people start to come over than he was used to, work schedules changed, then my wife lost her job and spends most of her time at home with him. 

Rigby is in Sacramento, CA.

For more information, email brookebaker912@gmail.com

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