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Rickey is a 4 year old, 40 lb.  neutered male in Atlanta, GA.

Hey, I'm Rickey a 4 year old, spunky pup who loves to make you laugh! Sometimes my back legs walk faster than my front when I'm excited. I adore butt scratches and even do a little dance for them. My best buddy is a cat, and we play and compete for mom's attention. I've been with my mom for a year. She's sad, but she wants what's best for me. I hear the new place will have a yard – how cool is that? Maybe I'll even find a buddy to play with.


I've been to daycare – always five stars. I enjoy making new doggy friends once we get properly introduced. I do have a bit of a thing, though – when I see a new dog, I get so excited that I forget some dogs don't like being barked at. Oops! I'm smart, trained with an e-collar, and usually will pick up on commands if you ask me nicely. I know commands like heel, leave it, and "place."


Looking for a patient owner with a yard and experienced with reactive dogs. Yes, I can be reactive to other dogs but I'm friendly and playful after being introduced. Heeler personality so please look up what that means.



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