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Red is a 6 year old, 45 lb. 
neutered male in San Diego, CA

Red is a handsome red heeler who I need to find a new home for due to a lot of life changes. I have had him for about 4.5 years. He was rescued from Mexico as a pup.


Red is deaf, but very attentive to eye contact and hand signals (and actually even great off leash because he loves his people). He is a very loving loyal boy who is his happiest in the outdoors and on adventures (no matter how small).


For being a heeler/cattle dog, he is very calm and will sleep all day if he gets the choice, but at the same time always ready for hikes/runs for many miles or going anywhere. He is also the best cuddler, loves his people very much.


He currently lives with his sister who is an 5 year old Australian shepherd and they get along very well. If socialized correctly he is able to get along with other dogs, he is mainly sensitive on his territory.


He has some human stranger danger, which has fluctuated through his life. With the right training he is able to warm up to new people outside of his close circle. Red has bit a human once before after someone invaded his space, he has only ever shown teeth at people's hands. This bite was more a warning recoil but then hit her hand. It was a surface level bite, no medical attention needed. Once red is comfortable with people, he remembers them forever.


Ideally Red would love to be the only dog in the home, unless you are willing to work with him to feel fully comfortable with your dog. He would also love a lot of space to roam/run (he is very fast & loves it!), a low traffic home, and a stable lifestyle.


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