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Reagan is a 9 year old, 35 lb. spayed female in Blackstone, VA

Reagan is blue heeler/border collie-X (I know she is blue heeler- I met the mother, but from research and seeing others of this mix. She appears to be blue heeler/border collie cross)

Sweet girl in need of a new home.
I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician who works full weeks and my husband also works full weeks. We have 2 children and another dog. Reagan has gotten into a few fights with our other dog over jealousy. She also does not seem to be adjusting well to our kids (one 10 month old, and a 2 & 1/2 year old). She seems have have more anxiety around the kids. She needs more time and attention than we are able to give her in our current situation unfortunately. She is cuddly, sweet,and high energy.

Things to know about Reagan:
- She is very high energy
- not good with dogs, she can be aggressive towards other dogs
- she is aggressive towards cats
- no homes with small/young children - she has not shown aggression towards our children, but does show signs of anxiety and being very uncomfortable.

For that reason I feel she should be in a home with children over the age of 12. - she should be a one pet household. Once she bonds with you, she will follow you forever. She has been on Prozac (Fluoxitine) and Trazodone for anxiety to help calm her and mak her feel more at ease. The Fluoxitine worked well, but on her last physical exam and routine lab work her liver values were slightly increased and she was Anaplasma positive (ticket borne disease) and sincethe liver on sensitive with Fluoxitine we had stopped it while she was on treatment (Doxycycline) and the Fluoxitine was never restarted. Her liver values were rechecked 60 days after treatment and are in the normal range again. She would thrive and be a great pet for someone who wants to have an emotional support animal at home. She is like Velcro and just wants to be with you all the time. But that is why she should be the sole pet in the house. She's very active she someone who goes out a lot to take her on runs of hiking would be a plus. I believe she would really excel in that environment.

-UTD on shots
-Potty trained
-Crate trained
-Leash trained
-know Sit and lay down.
-NOT good with cats, dogs, and kids under the age of 12.

*Rehoming fee of $200 but she comes with all of his belongings (dog bowls, leash, collar) can provide all previous vet record in my possession.

Please know.... I'm a Licensed Veterinary Technician, so coming to the decision to rehome my sweet girl has been very hard and honestly caused my some emotional difficulties... I have tried many things to reduce her anxiety with the children and keep her with me. But for the sake of hers and our family well-being we truly believe this is the right decision. We do not want to wait until things caused her significant issues from her anxiety that we had no other options to find her a new home. We truly believe someone else will be able to love her and give her the love we no longer can in our situation. We don't want her filled with anxiety all the time Included more recent pictures, as well as puppy pics Once contacted I will be asking for veterinary references and screening questions prior to rehoming for the safety of the pet. We also want to add that it things do not sem to be working out with her new family I want the adopting family to contact me and I will be willing to take her back. We truly want the best for her.

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