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Piper is a 14 month old, 55 lb. spayed female in Pine Meadow, CT.

Piper is playful and loves cuddles.  She loves swimming, going on walks and hikes. She knows most of the basic commands, is crate trained, sits and waits for her food and is good off leash. She has been trained to an invisible fence.  She is great with other dogs and children, not showing any signs of aggression towards them. She lives with an 8 yr old Aussie Shepard mix and they get along great playing and chasing each other around the yard.  She is a high energy dog getting the greatest joy running and playing. On walks she insists on carrying a stick with her always asking that you give it a throw for her. 


Piper came to us at 8 months where she was kept in a crate and never walked or taken off leash. Her veterinary reports state that she was only taken outside to use the bathroom. At this time, she was very anxious and threatened by about everything. She has since come to love people and all her surroundings. We have many people coming over for gatherings and she is friendly towards all. She loves going for rides but is very anxious in the car and will bark at passing vehicles. 


As Piper is a cattle dog, she needs a lot of exercise and attention. She is best when taken on daily walks or hikes where she can run off leash. Unfortunately, due to some ongoing health issues her parents don’t feel that they can provide the home and environment that she needs to thrive. She does go on long walks multiple times per week both on and off-leash but this in not deemed sustainable.


As for needing to let her go I have had issues with cancer over the last several years. Five years ago I was competing in triathlons and our Aussie Shepard was training with me. In the last 3 years, I have had 3 separate cancer diagnosis, have had 3 surgeries and a multitude of other treatments.  While some days are good there are others when I just cannot get Piper out for a walk. Piper would thrive much better if she were able to get out a bit more. 


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