Pi is a 7 year old, 65 lb. neutered ACD/Aussie mix in Spring Creek, NV.

Pi is very loving with me, with my friends and family, and most especially with my grandchildren. He is on the large end of the ACD spectrum at 65 pounds. He is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations and will be renewed if he is still with me at renewal time. At 7 years old he isn't a rambunctious puppy, but he is still full of healthy energy. He loves to cuddle, will walk well on a leash though he doesn't heel.


Pi knows the following commands: come, sit, down, off, and sit up pretty. His favorite toy is a hard, chewy ball that he will bring back as long as you throw it. He did chase my cat once and I have not let him around her since then. A fenced yard will be necessary as he will roam if left on his own outside. At first he will be very needy and want as much attention as he can get. Losing his main person -- my former husband -- and being removed from that home has left him with some abandonment issues. These will go away once he gets used to you.

My former husband and I had Pi's mother - a full-blood Blue Heeler. We mated her with a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepard cross and Pi is one of the pups from that mating. About a year after Pi was born, my then husband and I separated -- I took the mom and Pi stayed with him. When said former husband became incarcerated recently (and will remain so for several years) I found myself rescuing and fostering Pi. Pi is an obedient, loving dog with me, but does not get along with my dog -- his mother -- at all. They are both dominant and do not tolerate each other without fighting. I have tried using a trainer to help them get along, but the cost was too prohibitive to continue. Consequently, Pi needs to be in a home where he is the only dog.

Though he will cower and show fear at first, Pi is aggressively reactive to dogs that show aggression towards him. This happened when I first brought him home and my other dog growled when being introduced. Pi had her on her back in seconds and was on her throat. I have kept them separated ever since.

In order to keep Pi away from my other dog and my cat I have to put them in separate rooms taking turns with who gets to be out. It is very tedious and is just not fair to any of the animals involved. I would assist with transport if need be. An adoption fee or donation to a rescue group is required. That amount is negotiable.

Pi is in Spring Creek, NV.

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