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Pepper is a 5 year old, 38 lb. spayed female mix in Somersworth, NH.

Pepper was adopted from a rescue agency as a puppy. She is a lovable and adorable dog, very loyal and sweet, high energy, and protective of her pack.


She is super healthy (up to date on all shots and no major health issues), house trained, loves to go on walks and lie with you on the bed or couch for hours on end.


She needs good exercise -- 2 neighborhood walks a day are generally good but she also could use a few other adventures on weekends. She is very smart, likes to dig and chase sticks in the backyard, but also loves lazing around under the bed.

We think she'd do best in a home without other pets, with older or no children, and with plenty of room to run around. She really likes being around people, and is great when we have guests stay, but can be aggressive with other dogs. She can also be very protective of her house, so she will display aggressive barking at strangers and delivery trucks.


Pepper has displayed aggressive behavior in some situations. She is not good around other dogs, especially when on leash, and can be quite protective. She regularly attended a doggie daycare for about 2 years, but had 2 unprovoked biting incidents with other dogs at around age 4, so she did not go back. She is friendly around most people, but can aggressive towards strangers in the house or delivery people. She has become accustomed to our children, but has growled at small children in the past.

She has been a beloved part of our family for 5 years, but she has just become too difficult for us to manage alongside 2 small children.


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