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Penny is a 6 year old, 25 lb. spayed female in Harrington, DE.

Penny is very sweet and loving, a bit over needy on attention. We’re not her first owners but she bonded very quickly and is protective of us humans. She’s had some training: come, sit, stay, place, and still working on ‘heel.’


She is house trained with very few accidents. We live on 30 acres with no fence. She doesn’t wander far and comes when called. She is a new addition to our family (about six months ago). She gets along fine with our older smaller male dog but fights with our somewhat smaller same age female who has been with us for years. Penny has aggressed towards her on 3 occasions. Never any injuries, never broke the skin. Penny is NOT food aggressive. Penny and our other female both want to be Alpha.


We don’t know what she’s like around cats or small children. We originally adopted her from the shelter to get a near same age playmate for our other female. Instead, they both want to be the alpha and fight. We want her to have a safe loving home and constantly fighting with her housemate isn’t that.

We are willing to provide transportation Nation wide via “Operation Roger” ($45) for a $50 donation to the same.


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