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Paprika is a 2.5 year old, 38 lb. spayed female mix in NY, NY.

Paprika is truly a remarkable dog, brimming with energy, intelligence, and affection. I rescued her from Muddy Paws NYC in February 2022. She's a unique herding mix, primarily Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, and Mountain Cur lineage.

I can truly say Paprika is one of the greatest loves of my life. And it is because of my love for her, that I have come to notice that NYC living, with a cramped apartment and bustling streets, does not allow her to live the life she deserves. She's a spirited dog who would flourish in a suburban or rural setting, ideally with a loving family and older children (10+ years old) who can manage her high energy levels. She is fully house trained.

Thankfully, Paprika has always been in good health, only requiring the occasional biannual shots for allergies. She's an excellent sleeper, with normal eating and drinking habits.

Paprika adores long walks, rounds of fetch, and exploring her surroundings. She thrives on mental and physical stimulation and is sociable with other dogs, especially in an open field/dog park environment. Though she may exhibit some leash reactivity, gentle use of a prong collar during walks has all but alleviated this issue.

Paprika isn’t the best with young children. She's generally more well-behaved off-leash but can become anxious in chaotic environments or around sudden movements (i.e kids running around, riding on scooters, etc). While she hasn't shown aggression, I err on the side of caution and keep her on a short leash around very young kids.

Although she may seem reserved initially, Paprika warms up quickly and forms strong bonds with those she trusts. She's a loving companion who just needs a bit of time to acclimate to new people and surroundings. Once acclimated, she is a fiercely loyal and loving dog. You may especially find warmth in her expressive eyes, and the way she cuddles up to you at night.

Final Thoughts:
If I rescued Paprika at a different time in my life and had a backyard for her to play in, I would be keeping her. She is an amazing dog who would thrive and be a lot happier with more room to run around. I know this because I have taken her numerous times to the suburbs and beach towns, where she is a much more calm and happy dog.

Next Steps:
If you believe you could provide Paprika with the ideal home, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 914-844-8443. I'd be delighted to discuss Paprika's unique qualities and find the perfect fit for her rehoming process. Please note, I can provide and would prefer to transport Paprika to her next home. Ideally, she can spend a few days acclimating before finalizing any adoption. I also won’t be accepting any money for Paprika but will instead request that you make a donation to an animal organization of your choice :)


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