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Opie is a 6 year old, 35 lb. neutered male in Ruckersville, VA

Opie is a 6 year old neutered male Boston Heeler located in Greene County, VA. Opie is a high energy 35 pound quirky boy who doesn't believe in personal space. Opie has been a student of many trainers but none seem to of held his interest. Opie is very verbal, especially when he wants to play or just wants something in general. Opie is housebroken, will go in his crate but does not love it. Opie has been to dog parks and daycare but was overwhelmed. Opie loves to play tug, with any object.


Opie is up to date on all shots, his annual is up in October. We adopted Opie when he was 10 months old with a broken pelvis. He was ordered to be on crate rest for a few months while it healed, it is fully healed now. Opie had "cherry eye" and received corrective surgery for both eyes in March of 2020. Opie currently has a fenced in yard but is a velcro dog. He is okay with other dogs when introduced properly. I have not seen him around cats. He is generally good and patient with small children but we are having issues with him everytime our daughter cries.


Opie has shown leash aggression towards other dogs, but has been fine with our other dog. Opie is also prone to resource guarding. Opie is not normally aggressive towards people but will redirect when over-stimulated. Opie has never broken the skin while biting. his love language his playing with his teeth however. Opie generally bites hands. We are having issues with Opie and our Newborn anytime that she cries.

We love Opie a lot but he deserves better than our current situation. We are not asking for a fee, a donation to ACDRA would be great, but we really just want to know Opie is in a good, loving, and experienced home.

Any questions can be asked to

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