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Noah is a 3 year old, 40 lb. neutered male in Providence, RI.

Noah came from an Ohio puppy mill in 2020. Noah is extremely intelligent, hard working, bashful, attentive, emotionally intelligent, by your side kind of guy, adores catch, flirt pole, loves to work, extremely food motivated, knows over 20 commands such as find it, spin etc.


Noah has displayed signs of reactivity to environment, people & dogs since 8 months. Noah has extreme fear/nervous reactivity to anything or anyone new. NO bite history as I’ve managed him extremely well. He has gone to lunge open mouth. I believe he would bite.


Attending puppy class, occasional doggy day care and dog park for exposure. Reactivity worsened, worked alongside a balance trainer before knowledge of the negative affects. Gained more understanding and began extensive research in teaching positive reinforcement/counter conditioning/desensitization.


In 2022 we worked with a behaviorist making small changes gaining understanding.


I have a heavy heart but it’s best he’s in a safe stable home,w.3-4 days to meet a person, no cats at all, possibly a dog friend with right intro, absolutely no kids and a small group of trusted people by a dedicated experienced adopter.



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