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Niko is a 1.5 year old, 35 lb. neutered male in Atlanta, GA.

Vaccination/microchip status: UTD on shots and microchipped

Behavioral notes: He's smart, easy to train, and wants to please. I've done a lot of training with him since he came from Cobb County Animal Shelter (kill shelter where he rubbed his nose raw). He knows paw, wait, sit, come, dinner, go to bed, touch, drop it, focus etc. 100% housebroken and crate trained (loves his crate). He is also muzzle trained and walks politely heeling (no pull) on leash on left side. Loves all toys and chews. He's a velcro dog and very affectionate. Medium energy, goober personality, low prey drive (he does not chase squirrels etc or really care), only occasionally barks-he's not a big barker but will alert when he thinks it's important. He's very ACD in that he can be suspicious of new people and take a a little to warm up (generally doesn't take long with proper introductions), he does have a herding instinct and can be a little mouthy but he's pretty gentle about it (we've been working on this). He's good off-leash and doesn't run off and loves car rides. Needs more proofing on reliable recall. Perfect for baths, can be brushed, and loves his teeth brushed. His nails were never clipped before but I can now clip/dremel his nails-still working on it.

Reason for rehoming: He's not a good fit for my life style. I board dogs and work with dogs. He's dog selective. Some dogs he loves and some he does not. I can't change that for him, that's just who is. He gets stressed when I have to board certain dogs and constantly keep him separated. He is good with my senior dog and his dog friends he likes. He would be happier in a more stable/consistent home. I just want a better home for him

When and from where did you get him? He's from Cobb county animal control. I have all his paperwork even his collar from there. He was adopted in May this year, 2023.

Needs an experienced home (herding or ACD experience preferred)


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