Nash is a 7 year old neutered male in Grove City, PA.

Nash loves to catch frisbees, chew No-Hides, play tug-o-war and chase squirrels out of his fenced-in yard. He adores his 5-year old adopted brother Oliver, a cocker spaniel, but much prefers to keep other pets out of sight/out of mind.


Nash loves meeting new people, and as long as he gets a chance to pee before greeting you, he's otherwise house-trained. :) Oh, and once you give him some scratches behind the ears, he'll give you gentle reminders that you can't stop. Like most heelers, he's very high energy and always on alert. He's very loyal and wants to go everywhere you go, but is also stubborn and has a habit of thinking he's the one in charge.


He's a great fit for someone who has experience with the breed, can handle a strong dog, and has lots of room for exercise and new challenges. I would also recommend a home without children since he can play pretty rough.


He is aggressive toward all other animals except our cocker spaniel. He bit another small dog when we lived in an apartment complex and broke skin on the dog's leg. He used to get along with my parents' golden retriever until a fight broke out between them and they haven't been able to be together since. He is not aggressive toward adults and has historically been good around kids, but is obsessed with our infant when he is around and shows indicators of aggression (which is why we are looking to re-home). 


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