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Muppet is a 2.5 year old, 50 lb. spayed AKC-registered female in Grove City, PA.

Muppet is an AKC registered purebred Cattle Dog. We have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she will be turning 3 in January.

Muppet is a very sweet dog and loves to spend time with her people. She can be cautious with strangers and will bark, but has never shown any other signs of aggression. She walks like a dream on a leash and is happy to go anywhere you're going. She lives with 2 other dogs and attends dog daycare and gets along well with the dogs there. She is NOT a friend of cats, chickens, or ducks though and cannot share space with them. She has never been around any other pets/livestock so I'm not sure how she would do with them.

She listens incredibly well on and off leash. She will come right to you when called regardless of what she is doing.

She absolutely loves my kids, but she is very intense and can't control her excitement and will sometimes jump up on them and knock them over. (We have been working on that) so a home with young kids isn't recommended.
She is completely house trained and crate trained. She will go to her kennel when asked and she will lay down and relax while in it.

So even though Muppet is essentially perfect (to me) and everything I wanted in a Cattle Dog, it breaks my heart to say that I am no longer the best home for her.  

I have very little space both inside and outside of my home and the plans to move to a large property has been pushed back to another year or 2 from now.

Our work schedules have also had to change recently so she went from spending only bedtime in her kennel, to being in there for 9 hours a day while we are at work and then again for bedtime. She can't be left out unattended for too long as she will get bored and chew things.

I started taking her to dog daycare to help, but due to their hours and our schedules, we are not able to take her more than once a week.

Muppet deserves to have someone who can be home with her most of the day and have land for her to run on and explore.

I have tried so hard to make things the best I can for her, but I know there has to be someone out there who can do more for her. I have contacted her breeder and she could not take her back.

Muppet is spayed and completely up to date on vaccines. She has never had any health issues except that she was born deaf in one ear. You would never know it though as she completely compensates with her hearing ear. To be honest, I almost forgot to put that in here because it's never something I even think about.

I will continue to hold on to Muppet until her perfect home is found. I am located in Grove City, PA and will be willing to help transport if needed. I also hope to be updated on her life with her new family because we will greatly miss her.

No fee is required, but a donation to a rescue would be greatly appreciated.


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