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Merlin is a 19 month old, 45 lb. neutered male in Pittsfield, MA.

Merlin is a wonderful dog. He’s very high energy and very silly. He absolutely loves to play, throws his toys at people to get them to play with him. He’s crate trained and potty trained. He will happy piddle when he’s excited.


If off leash outside he needs a fenced in area and anywhere else he’ll have to be on a leash. He will run after something or someone if he has the chance and he wants to. He cannot go to dog parks. He knows basic commands and some tricks. He needs a little work on ‘staying’ and he pulls on leash. I use a gentle lead to make this more manageable.


He cannot be around most other dogs, absolutely no kids or cats or other animals without a muzzle or e-collar training. It’s only necessary if they will be getting close enough for him to lunge or bite. If they are at a distance it would be okay to just have him on a leash. He may be good for a while, but something could unexpectedly trigger him and it’s not worth the stress.


He hordes toys and resource guards from other dogs and children. He has been able to eat out of the same bowl as another dog but they had met quite a few times before that. I still was very nervous about it. So I can’t say he wouldn’t be able to learn how to share and maybe get a long with another dog or child if he has enough time to see them as his pack. Still always going to be a risk there most likely.


I am rehoming him for this reason. I initially got him to be a service dog, and once I realized that wasn’t going to happen I settled for him being an emotional support dog, but that is not working out either. I get extremely stressed when he is triggered.


He will do best in a home with no other pets, dogs or children and with a big fenced in area to run his little heart out. I am willing to drive to bring Merlin to his new home. I would like $350 for adoption fee and am willing to renegotiate or donate money to rescue group. This is a very difficult decision and would like someone willing to let me visit him a few times to see how he is settling in or at the least send pictures. It would make this transition much easier. Thank you!


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