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Marci is a 3 year old, 45 lb. spayed female in Springfield, TN.

Marci is a typical red heeler in that she is energetic, fun, and has a personality as big as any person’s. What is atypical is she is incredibly sweet and profoundly loving. She does well with cats (our cat loves her), she loves playing and meeting new people (if introduced appropriately), and is a giant cuddle bug.


She loves playing ball and playing tug of war. She is food driven and one of the fastest learners of any heeler I have ever had. She is house broken, and knows the commands of sit, stay, come, place, shake, and heel. She has had two surgeries (separate from her spayed) due to rips to her CLC tendon in her legs but now runs and plays with all the strength of a normal dog. Due to her spay she also has to take hormone pills (incurin) to help her with bladder control. Otherwise she is a good and well adjusted dog. 


Marci has not interacted with children much but has always done well around children at the park and whatnot. She is well socialized and may I take her to work with me often and does with my military peers (when introduced appropriately and given space to get to know them).

Whoever takes her, I promise you will make a best friend because she is mine and I can’t express enough how much it hurts me to see her go.
All I ask is that whoever wants her loves her and protects her like she is family.


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