Luna & Sol are 4 and 3 year old bonded spayed females in Knoxville, TN.

All in all these Dogs are awesome! They were my daughter’s dogs and I took them because she took a job and had to relocate to Dallas. However I travel a lot in my job and don’t want to have to keep them in a kennel while I’m gone for a week at a time and they don’t get along with my cats.  They are very spoiled dogs and we love them dearly and need a good home where they can be outside and run every day and get lots of attention. I’ve had dogs my entire life and these gals are great family members! We are trying to find the right home for them so they can thrive and be as happy as they are here. Their new home should be cat free and not have any small children, 8 and above should be fine. You will need a big fenced in backyard for sure and be ready to take long walks!!


Luna is a Female just over 4 years old. She has been spayed and chipped and she is in great health! 

Luna is a great family dog, she’s everything you want in a dog! She loves to cuddle and be loved on (what dog doesn’t!) She will be in your lap all day if you let her!! She is totally in love with her ball! If you pull a ball out that will be all she thinks about until you take it away! She will play fetch until she falls over!! She loves it! All you need is a chuckit stick and you’re her best friend for life! She also likes to sleep with someone….anyone!! She will sleep on top of you if you let her…lol.  She will sleep in a create but is very good in the house and will sleep from 9pm to 9am! She is not a morning dog…lol she can stay inside for 24 hours and not potty in the house!! Girl has a Blatter made of steel!! She walks very well on a leash and listens well when not on a leash. Luna is good with other dogs. We go to the dog park and she dose great! She just wants to play with her ball, if she doesn’t have her ball she just minds her own business. Luna is ok with a cat but is very cautious of them, however when you add Sol to the equation now it’s a different story. If one runs after anything the other will follow. If one dog is in the room with a cat is kind of ok but when both of them are in the room they will attack the cat. I guarantee you won’t have any squirrels or rabbits in your yard. Luna is a very quiet dog until someone comes to the door or walks by the house with a dog. Both my neighbors have dogs and they get along fine, some barking but nothing out of the usual. Dogs being dogs! She will bark a little at night when you let her out but very normal. Luna loves being outside. I have a large screened in back porch and she stays out there all day unless it’s too cold or raining and I let her in the house. She will be quiet as a mouse all day in the house. Luna is the Alfa dog for sure. She runs the household! Luna is very good around kids big or small. However I wouldn’t let a small child play ball with her because she not very gentle when taking a ball out of your hand. She just wants the ball and doesn’t realize your hands around that ball. But she will let you take the ball out of her mouth and she dose drop the ball so you can pick it up and throw it again!! Also she travels in a car very well! 

Sol is a female who just turned 3 years old. She is also spayed and chipped and is in great health as well.

Sol is also a great family dog but is a little different than Luna in that she loves to cuddle on the couch but when its bed time she will go lay on her bed or at the end of your bed. She not obsessed with a ball like Luna but dose love to play fetch, she mostly likes to take the ball from Luna and play keep away! She will play with other dogs well. She loves playing tug of war with toys and mostly like Luna LOVES to find the squeaky ball inside of the toy! Sol is good around other dogs but will go after a cat. I think she would be fine with them but when you get both dogs together its trouble. She thinks there a toy and wants to chase them and that’s not good. She loves walks and dose well on a leash but needs some work. They have always lived in a home with a fenced in backyard so most of their exercise came from throwing a ball in the backyard. Sol is not as gentle as Luna when it comes to small children. She tends to want to jump up on them but it’s mostly because she’s never been around kids. She perfectly fine other than she’s a little wild. She just needs training. She also is a good protector! She is very good in the house, she also has an iron Blatter! She is all play!! When we go to the park she likes to sniff around and check stuff out. She is very curious and always has her nose to the ground. She listens pretty well but gets distracted and needs more training but all in all is a great dog and no problems at all!! Also travels in a car very well!

I am willing to pay to relocate them here in the eastern US. I can drive them to where you are.


The girls are in Knoxville, TN. 

You can contact me at 865-696-7123 or

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