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Luke is a 6 year old, 45 lb. neutered male in Harrisonburg, VA.

I acquired Luke as a puppy and have owned him for the past six years. Luke has grown to become such a loyal, energetic, and well mannered companion. All around he would be the perfect adventure buddy for someone with an active lifestyle. I've reached the point where my life goals (international travel and an upcoming Appalachian Trail through hike) mean that I need to find Luke the perfect home for the next phase of his life.


Luke is well trained both inside and out of the home. He has amazing recall and follows all basic commands. Luke would do best in a home with a lower than average amount of distractions. Kids are a green light, dogs and cats are a yellow light. He has been in a home setting with other dogs for short term periods but never cats. He has never been territorial with other dogs inside a home and does not resource guard or show aggression. In general Luke would do best with an experienced dog owner who can recognize his potential, intelligence, and quirks.

Potential adopters will be vetted and home visits pre-adoption are necessary. Luke is currently located in the Harrisonburg VA area and transport to his new home can be arranged.


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